BABY-G X Lizzie

Lizzie Armanto

At only 21 years old, Lizzie Armanto has spent the last 4 years dominating the women's skate scene. Lizzie is a 4x World Cup Skateboarding Champion and recent ESPN X Games Gold Medalist. After dominating women's events for the past 4 years, Lizzie spent most of 2013 competing and qualifying for finals in Men’s Pro events around the world with a goal of being the first woman to finish top 3 in a Men’s Pro event.

From core skateboard publications around the world to features in mainstream fashion and lifestyle magazines, Lizzie is in a class of her own. With an equal amount of core media to her male counterparts, Lizzie’s advantage lies in her appeal to a broader mainstream audience allowing her to transcend her sport.

Respected by men and women alike, Lizzie is a true role model and in 2012 began working with Step Up and Skate, an organization that promotes skateboarding in developing countries. From Kuwaitto Bahrain, Peru, Asia among others, Lizzie travels to and host clinics, workshops, and participates in demonstrations.


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