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Katie Gallagher


“I started sewing as sort of a game growing up,” says Katie Gallagher, the New York-based fashion designer with a cult following of fans who fawn over her gothic nymph-warrior aesthetic. “My best friend and I would go vintage shopping and to thrift stores and it became this fun challenge to make anything we found fit us.” When the rural Pennsylvania native launched her eponymous line in 2009 -- three months after graduting from RISD -- Gallagher fielded inquiries from style stars like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness, gaining instant notoriety as a designer to know.

Working from her one bedroom apartment-cum-studio in Chinatown, Gallagher designs two collections a year, each culminating in a show at New York Fashion Week. “I usually work by myself most of the year, but when fashion week comes around there are tons of people involved from interns to my casting director to my PR person,” says Gallagher. “Everything needs to be done by a certain time and there are a lot of moving parts so things can get hectic.” For her Fall 2014 collection shown at the Highline Hotel in February Gallagher drew inspiration from abandoned amusement parks around the world, combining visions of decay and childlike detailing to create her 10th collection entitled ‘Wonderland.’ On a timeline to showtime, Gallagher works up until the final runway walk. “I have a really weird feeling after my show’s done,” admits Gallagher. “You’re not exactly sad or happy, even if there are great reviews. It’s this huge build up, and then it’s over, but it’s exciting to start fresh each season.”


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