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On the hunt with the women of A Vintage Wonderland

"I love prints; I gravitate towards them,” Kody Pangburn says. “I like pairing this leopard Baby-G with my jumpsuit because I like the contrast it creates between the clean, modern accessory and the vintage outfit.” Making sure to blend older pieces with contemporary styles is key for Kody, who, along with her business partner, Jade Furtado, cofounded A Vintage Wonderland. Together, the two women “curate vintage collections for private clients, boutiques and e-retailers,” Jade says. Launched three years ago, the business has grown a devoted following thanks to the founders’ knack for styling and shooting beautiful lookbooks and videos that showcase their finds. “It’s all very grassrooty,” Kody says. “I usually take most of the photos, Jade does the modeling and the videos are shot and edited by my brother.”

The women go on vintage buying trips throughout the country, but one of their favorite spots is in their New York City backyard: Front General Store in DUMBO, Brooklyn (pictured). “It’s the Mecca for denim,” Kody says of the shop. “I come here to get inspired.” Right now they’re inspired by novelty handbags in shapes like strawberries and books- but where their own styles are concerned, sometimes less is more. “Since vintage pieces already cause a lot of attention, I’m not much for accessories usually,” Jade says. “But I always make sure to have a watch, and what I love about this Baby-G is that it pops. The blue font on the watch face goes with a lot of my denim pieces and also my favorite blue bag.” Striking that balance between old and new-wonderful.


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